The adoption of Workday can have a profound impact on an organization. It is a far-reaching and intrinsically-integrated system, interconnected with many departments and processes. Workday lends huge benefits with its powerful features and tools, giving users pre-determined access to data that they can use to improve business procedures or analyze missteps and mistakes.

But some of this data is sensitive – personal information, medical records, financial logs or staff salaries. While the ability to procure this information depends on access rights given to those staff working directly with the data, human error can lead to mistakes and security breaches. The bottom line: your sensitive data could end up in the wrong hands.

Breaches by Staff

Workday allows you to customize the access and set measures to suit your company’s security requirements. But data breaches through people or malicious software are still rampant. Often, it is the organisation’s own staff that causes these breaches, usually through unintentional carelessness when accessing and handling their data on the platform.

Open access and availability of sensitive data to the wrong individuals can have major negative impacts on a company. Credibility can be compromised in the view of the public and, in some situations, the organisation could be fined for data breaches or leaks.

Security Testing Is Imperative

Therefore, just as Workday updates are tested before being implemented, to gauge their workings and potential for negative impact, security configurations too need to be tested in detail.

The best way to test whether your security is watertight? Don’t leave it up to manual testing. Testing manually is time-consuming and painstakingly demanding, exposing a range of opportunity for human error. Genie is an automated testing platform that takes the effort out of testing Workday security setups. Smoothly transition into a sound security configuration through Genie’s automated testing.

Automated Security Testing: How It Works

Plan your whole testing regime and undertake it in a matter of hours instead of weeks. The tests are run in the background with only authorized personnel having access. Get accurate test results fast and easily find the errors within the security configuration of Workday.

By using Genie to test your Workday, you can regularly schedule security checks without the hassle, risks and resource use of staff involvement. Only a handful of trusted individuals are given access to oversee testing. Once the criteria is set, no manual involvement is necessary – the test results will be available to those who have access. And, with the tests running parallel in the background, day-to-day processes are not negatively impacted and business is not affected in any way.

Genie automated Workday testing platform is an all-round solution to seamlessly testing Workday. You can learn more about how Genie works at helping ensure against process glitches and security breaches in this demo.